Kishore Kotapati (KK)


I'm an Entrepreneur at Heart!


BidShore is an instant marketplace between restaurants and diners where discounts are generated instantly.


On demand carpool platform for daily commuters to get to work and home in a Jiffy!




Joining the Dots (JTD) foundation is a not for profit organization started in Jan 2015.
Team JTD is a group of like-minded individuals who have come together to make a difference and contribute in the field of rural education. At JTD we want to prevent students from discontinuing their education due to socio-economic factors.

Never worry... b'coz you have many ways to move and you only move forward. - KK

About KK

Founder of BidShore, Entrepreneur
“Dont' show me Red. I'm a Bull.”

KK holds educational background of Bachelor and Masters Degree in Computer Science. He spent 10+ years in various roles as Oracle JDE programmer, Business Analyst, Strategy & Business Development Manager, Independent Consultant and served Corporate Clients across the United States, Canada and India. With his vast experience and entrepreneurial mindset, today he has successfully ventured out couple of start-ups to bring the change to the world.

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Public Speaking
  • Team Player


I am so proud and its an honor to meet some of the great Entrepreneur Leaders
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Megan Smith

White House CTO
It an honor to meet Megan Smith (US CTO) on the occasion of 1871 4th birthday. Her words about technology was very interesting and informative.
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AOL Founder
Great to spend couple of hours in the presence of Steve Case (AOL Founder) and also receive his book “The Third Wave” autographed by him saying “KK, Go get it”. Its an amazing experience and learned a lot with his great speech
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Reddit – Founder
Great presentation by Reddit Co founder Alexis Ohanian. Inspiring stories and great things to learn.
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TV Panelist & Author
Its great one on one with Carol Roth about 60 sec elevator pitch & how to do it well.

Ask forgiveness, not permission. - KK

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